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Friday, August 15, 2008

Nim's Island - written by Wendy Orr

Nim's Island
Nim's Island, written by Wendy Orr, is delightful! A young girl lives on an island with her father, Jack, who is a scientist. Nim's mother disappeared many years before in the stomach of a whale, who's stomach contents she had gone to investigate (not a very appealing experiment, if you ask me). Nim and Jack live an idyllic existence on their island, their main communication with civilization being email through Jack's solar powered computer. Her friends are Fred, a marine iguana, and Silkie, a sea lion. All is well until Jack goes on an expedition to study plankton, and gets lost in a storm.

The storm is terrible, and Nim is worried about her father. Nim needs her friends to help her when she gets hurt, (including a new on-line friend,Alex Rover, an author who writes adventure stories). There are miscommunications galore. Alex thinks Fred and Silkie are dogs, and that Nim is in real trouble. Nim thinks Alex is a real male explorer, very brave and resourceful, when actually Alex is a very reclusive city-dwelling female author with a big imagination. Alex decides that she must rescue Nim.

Jack, in the meantime, is really hurt, and unconscious for a while, floating along on his small boat with no cell phone or means to communicate with Nim. He has no idea of what has taken place, what the storm has done to the island.

Everything comes together, and should be one of those "happily ever-after" endings, but there is a sequel I've started reading - Nim at Sea - which so far extends the story in a suspenseful manner. The bad guys have returned, and kidnapped Silkie, the sea lion. Nim goes to rescue Silkie, with Fred tagging along.

Nim's Island is now a movie. Since I haven't seen it yet, I hope someone will comment and let me know how it is, and if it is a movie that is true to the book. (I sure hope so! I enjoyed Nim's Island, the book.)

Sounds interesting. Have not seen the movie nor read the book.
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