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Friday, September 05, 2008

Red Dragon CodeX by R.D. Henham

Red DragonCodex
Redclaw the Destroyer, a dragon of great renown loved to inflict pain on unwary travelers. She enjoyed the fear of her attacks almost as much as the attacks themselves. On this day it was no different, roaring as she dived from her rocky ledge towards the wagons that remained so defenseless. she released her fiery breath. Scorching everything in her wake she dreamed of the treasure she would take back to her lair.

"Redclaw". Who would dare call her name, she whipped herself around to see who her opponent was. There on the ground stood a fifteen-year-old boy, holding two very sharp swords. His silver eyes showed no fear. She did not remember him though he remembered her. The boy was no match for her. Magic pulsed from him and though a fine mist sprang up between them, Redclaw, released her fire into his face.

Suddenly the boy shouted for the people to run and there out of the grey clouds came a silver dragon. She was Sleekwing Thunderbolt, dragon of good not evil. So began the battle of the magics and the dragons. Both would lose something that day but at what cost? Redwing, falling arched her wings at the last second and grabbed the boy, carrying him to the safety of her lair...

This most excellent dragon story has everything you could want. I give this book five stars*****!

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