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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

Sam is a ten year old boy who lost his parents when he was about three years old. he lives with his grandfather Mack. Tomorrow was his birthday and he looked everywhere for his birthday presents. The one place that Sam hadn't looked was in the attic. The way to the attic was through the ceiling in his grandfather's room or by climbing up the downspout on the side of his house. It was rather cold and his grandfather would see him if he tried using the entrance from his grandfather's room.Sam had to try the downspout if he was going to get to those presents.
Sam gets up to the attic and instead of finding presents he finds a chest with papers sticking out. Did I tell you that Sam could not read? He been in a resource room in school for special help with reading and he couldn't make out the words on the page except for the word "Missing" and next to it was a picture of Sam. he was sure it was his picture when he was about three years old. He could also sound out the words Sam Bell, but his name was Mackenzie. Sam trembled. Was he kidnapped? Was Mack his real grandfather? He loved this man with all his heart.
Sam befriends a new girl at school named Caroline. Perhaps he could convince her to climb in the attic and help him read the rest of the papers. But did he really want to? What would happen to him? Would Caroline think he was dumb because he couldn't read? Sam had to make some decisions and fast. This little bit of information was making him crazy.

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