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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas

Magic Thief
Being a thief is somewhat like being a Wizard, as the common street thief Con was about to discover. On a dark, lonely night lurking in the alley he heard footsteps coming his old man with a cane would make an easy mark. Quickly, with great precision, Conn took something from the old man's pocket and slipped back into the alley. Opening his hand he saw that it was a thing of magic, a Wizard's "locus magicalicus". As he stared at the stone it began to glow in his open hand, softly at first and then a fierce flash of lightening, making the whole alley seem alive.

Conn heard the Wizard coming back and quickly put the stone into his pocket, just as a big hand grabbed him by the shoulder. When the Wizard spoke it was to ask if he was hungry. Very carefully Conn shook his head in agreement. All the while his head was telling him what kind of a fool sits down with a Wizard. While having dinner, Nevery, explained how the locus magicalicus would kill him very soon. Slowly ever so slowly, Conn put his hand into his pocket, the stone lay in his palm...

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