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Friday, October 17, 2008

SKYLAR a story by Mary Cuffe-Perez

Skylar tells the story of a goose, and how he leads four other "pond" geese and a Who-on (heron) on a journey to Lost Pond. Year after year the pond geese have watched their kin, wild Canada geese, as they migrate over the their small pond. They watch and wonder about where the wild geese go, how it would be to fly so far. The Who-on (heron) is looking for a place called "Lost Pond". Skylar, who was once a wild geese - but was caught in ice on his first migration - boasts to the Who-on that he, Skylar, knows the way. So begins the adventure for these pond geese- Esther, Loomis, Roosevelt, Weedle, and Skylar - who have never really flown very far, who are used to a safe, quiet pond with plastic frogs, flamingoes, and gnomes, surrounded by manicured lawns. They face unknown dangers, making difficult decisions, while finding their true nature during this migratory experience. Join these geese as they leave the safety of their pond and experience a life altering flight. This story by Mary Cuffe-Perez, SKYLAR, is a tale of adventure, bravery, acceptance, and coming of age.

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