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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bronte's Book Club by Kristiana Gregory

Bronte and her family have moved to California from New Mexico. If that wasn't enough adjustment for a twelve-year-old, her parents leave her alone all day while they start a new business. Could you imagine being all alone with just a CD player? It's a good thing that Bronte loves books and words. She was even named after a famous author.

Bronte is not quirky, but she is apprehensive about how others might perceive her. She certainly is not the stereotypical skinny, rich girl of California. Bronte comes up with a great idea for meeting new friends. She post signs around town to announce a book club starting at her house. It is devastating that not one person shows up for the first meeting. The next week girls start to show up. Bronte is wise to include dogs. She has treats ready for the dogs. Bronte picks a very appropriate book. They talk about their own personal problems and snack so much that it takes them the entire summer to talk about one book. Are the girls really talking about the book or are they talking about their situations?

The development of the characters proves that understanding and trust are the true basis for friendship. Making assumptions only gets in the way. This is a great book for girls approximately ten to twelve years old who love books, embark on a new adventure, or have trouble making friends. At the end of the book are two bonuses:

hints for starting a successful book club


Bronte's Brownie Recipe!

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