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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Toy Dance Party written by Emily Jenkins

Toy Dance Party
Toy Dance Party: Being the Further Adventures of a Bossyboots Singray, a Courageous Buffalo, & a Hopeful Round Someone Called Plastic is the full title of this sequel to Toys Go Out, both written by Emily Jenkins with illustrations by Paul O. Zelinsky. Toy Dance Party continues the saga of the activities of these toys when they "come to life". This occurs whenever their owner, the Girl (also known as Honey), is away or asleep. The toys have adventures, and do mischief. In the sequel a new toy is introduced - a rubber shark puppet. At first Stingray does not get along with the shark, but once she realizes the puppet is not a monster going to bite them, they all begin to get along. We also meet a vocally talented washing machine and his partner, the dryer, as the toys have a dance party in the basement.

Toy Dance Party is another story, like it's predecessor, telling of friendship, times of not getting along well, and sharing adventures. A great family read aloud story for all ages, very accessible for 3rd and 4th grade independent readers who still desire having some illustration (not on every page) to help with enjoyment of the story.

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