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Friday, December 12, 2008

Troll Blood by Katherine Langrish

Troll Blood
Peer and Hilde are looking for an adventure, something to take them far away from the hum, drum of the farm. When the Viking longship arrives in the village they are more than ready to get on board, eager to get away and sail the sea.

What they don't know is that they will be in danger every step of the way! Gunner, mighty captain but sickly, young wife Astrid boasting of troll blood in her,evil son Harald...looking for some one to kill, all these will not make for a pleasant voyage to Vinland.

Before long everything becomes clear, both to Hilde and Peer...they will not be able to go home for five long years for Gunner & Harald and the crew are all wanted men. They killed a man and now they can't go home.

Their only hope is to reach Vinland to get help from Thorlof a lifelong friend...but what has happen to Thorlof, his family, and the crew of Long Serpent???? author you can count on to carry the plot, make it a page turner and finish the story with a happy ending... In this Book 3 of the trilogy I found much satisfaction!!! Let us hope that Kathering Langrish will soon give another story to travel and safe passage.

Don't forget to begin with "Troll Mill" (bk 1) then "Troll Fell" (bk 2) to get the complete story of Peer and Hilde.

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