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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Witches of Dredmoore Hollow

The Witches of Dredmoore Hollow
The Witches of Dredmoore Hollow, written by Riford McKenzie, is a somewhat disturbing, nightmarish adventure of witchcraft and an imagnitive boy. Elijah's father doesn't believe in anything he can't put his hands on. He disdains new fangled inventions, like automobiles and trucks. Elijah, on the other hand, is imaginative - and enjoys reading "Tom Swift" adventures, with their futuristic stories, as well as books about nature and how things work. What Elijah and his father don't know is that Elijah's mother, Katrina, is descended from a line of witches - the Dredmoore family, and that she has caused the family to be cursed.

One night two strange women come to the door. They claim to be, and truthfully are, Elijah's aunts - on his mother's side. What do they want? Why are they here? They wheedle their way into staying the night - but the next morning Elijah's world has changed. His parents have suddenly left (or have they). He is to go with these "Aunts" and stay until his parents return.

Elijah realizes that something is not right - either with the situation or with his aunts, Serena and Agnes. They take him with them to their house on Moaning March, where they run a beauty salon called "The Magic Snippers". Elijah discovers the Dredmoore family legacy, his part in it and what his mother is and has done. Elijah musters strength and courage needed to try and save his parents, a new friend, and others from the weird and evil magic spells cast by his aunts.

The Witches of Dredmoore Hollow is a fast moving, magical tale of good and evil. A young boy finds himself as others try to use him for their own ends. A fun, yet at times gross, read. I wonder if Riford McKenzie will give us more stories about Elijah and the rest of the Dredmoore family?

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