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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Book of Time
Guillaume Prevost begins this trilogy with The Book of Time, a story of time travel through use of a stone statue and specific coins created to use with the statue. In this first book, Sam Faulkner's father has gone missing, it's been ten days so far. Everyone assumes he has taken an unannounced business trip - he owns and operates a rare book shop in an old victorian house located in a run-down area of Sainte-Mary. Sam goes to the bookstore to look for his father, and discovers - in a hidden room - the stone statue and some dirty coins. Thinking it was some kind of old traditional game, Sam puts a coin on the center area - and so begins his journey through time.

Sam realizes that his father is caught in time, and journeys through the ages - Iona (Scotland) during the time of Viking raids, France During WWI, Belgium during the Rennaissance, and Ancient Egypt, looking for clues and thinking he is trailing his father, Allan, through time. While he doesn't find his father, Sam continues to take journeys into the past through the statue. His cousin, Lily, becomes aware of what Sam is doing, and helps him translate phrases from Latin and lend him her cell phone on one of his trips to the past. Lily finds evidence that Allan Faulkner is being held prisoner in Bran Castle by Vlad Tepes (the story of Dracula was based on this despot).

So ends The Book of Time. This is a fast-paced adventure, sending Sam traveling through time at breakneck speed. The next installment in the trilogy is sure to bring more adventure as Sam tries to rescue his father, and finds out the real reason Allan Faulkner is traveling through time.

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