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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Small White Scar by K.A. Nuzum

Small White Scar
Will can see his future as a rodeo cowboy, the man he will become, a cowboy with a life of his own. All he has to do is ride away from home, his father, but most of all his twin brother Denny.

Ever since his mother died, six years ago, he has been taking care of Denny, who has down syndrome. He loves his brother but the need to get away, make his own life is very strong.

Angry, restless, one night he saddles his horse, rides out into the night not looking back at what he is leaving. Then when he does turn around, Denny is following him. He tries to get away, tries to send Denny back but nothing is going the way he wants.

He must go now, today, forward to his future or be forever trapped in a world he does not enjoy. What he discovers is how strong the bond of brotherhood is, what he possibly learned from his brother.

This book, a remarkable story of what it means to become a man, the choices made, not always the ones you want to make. (Young Adult)
Caudill Nominee 2010

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