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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn

All the Lovely Bad Ones
Do you like Ghost stories? This one is great!

Travis and his sister Corey go to their grandmother's inn for summer vacation. When the children find out that the "Fox Hill Inn" is rumored to have ghosts, Corey the fun loving child, decides to become one herself. She dresses in a white flowing dress and goes out to the grove moaning and acting like a ghost. Corey bebieves this will help get more guests to visit her grandmother's inn. Corey was right about getting more guests but what she didn't know was that the ghosts would be visiting as well. Some of the visitors are excited to hear about ghosts, but their grandmother was a nonbeliever and therefore was quite upset about all the gossip.

When the ghosts start appearing to Corey and Travis, the children become fearful of them. They are the only ones that can see the ghosts, although everyone can see things moving around and some things being destroyed. Because their grandmother doesn't believe in ghosts she blames the children for all the grief that the ghosts cause.

Who are the ghosts? What do they want? Will they go away? Will their grandmother ever believe that there are ghosts? Read this great ghost story and find out.

This is a 2010 "Rebecca Caudill Nomine" book. Like her previous stories "Deep and Dark and Dangerous" and "The Old Willis Place", Mary Downing Hahn has you guessing and trying to figure out the great Ghost Stories.

daisymaisy read this book, too. You can read her review here.
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