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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

The Girl Who Could Fly
Piper decided that she would jump off the barn roof. It was all part of her plan, to pick up speed by running from one end to the other, then jump.
Most importantly, don't fall! That was more plan because it she did fall, land on her head, she wouldn't need plans.

Ever since she was born, Piper McCloud was different. Whenever least expected she floated up to the ceiling, where mother, Mrs. McCloud would have to get her dad, Mr. McCloud to come with a ladder to fetch her down. All of this was quite troublesome for the elderly McClouds. Oh how they prayed that Piper would be "normal".

So when Piper, nine woke up she found herself on the barn roof. The roof was slick with dew, she put out her arms saying "Like the birds I will fly!"
Piper picked up speed, running down the ridgepole, threw herself with total abandon into the air...for one moment she hung like an angel then fell like a freight train for the ground below. In three seconds Piper was going to smack the ground was going to hurt, alot...

This whimsical story is of a girl, who though different from everyone she knows, is able to remain true to herself, what she believes and helps others find a way to acceptance of this difference. Love this story...
It is definitely a "MUST" read! I give it *****!

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