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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John

The White Giraffe
Martine must leave England after her parents death, to live with a grand- mother she never even heard of on an African wildlife Game Preserve. As soon as she arrives she hears a story from one of the locals about a mysterious white giraffe.

Martine becomes fascinated with the idea of the white giraffe, one night she sees it right in grandmother"s garden. Not telling anyone what she has seen Martine, goes out at night into the Game Preserve. She has managed to memorize the code to the lock on the main gate.

Many danger await her, but she must find the giraffe. When they do meet a whole new set of problems arise both for her and the white giraffe. She follows the giraffe's footprints to a place where they can be together.

Martine takes many risks but is sure that her new friend will be worth it.
She will need to use all of her courage and a little bit of luck to save the white giraffe from danger!

Rebecca Caudill Nominee 2010

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