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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Naked Mole-Rat Letters by Mary Amato

Naked Mole-Rat Letters
*****Rebecca Caudill Award Nominee 2010*****

Frankie Wallop is a seventh grade girl - yes, girl. She lives in Indiana with her widowed father and her two younger brothers. She accidentally comes across an e-mail to her father from a lady in Washington D.C. Frankie is shocked that the e-mail contains details of a romantic dinner that includes kissing. The e-mail is from Ayanna, keeper of the naked mole-rats in the National Zoo.

Frankie takes it upon herself to e-mail Ayanna and tells her to leave her father alone. Things turn for the worst for Frankie. She doesn't get the lead in the school play which she assumed she was going to get. Her brothers were too much for her. Her grades plummet and one lie leads to another. She doesn't know how to cope. Her heart and mind are in the right place; things just get out of control. You can actually empathize with her struggle.

This book is sooooooo unique. It is written entirely in e-mail and diary entries. It truly is a book for children of this generation. This book is so believable that it should be read by all children ages nine to twelve.

i read this book and it was amazing!
I loved it!
Im going to look for your other books!
Destinee Harmon
From Omaha, Nebraska
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