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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alien Feast

Alien Feast
The first in a science fiction series, Alien Feast written by Michael Simmons tells the story of an invasion from outer space by human eating aliens. It is 2017. The human race has a sort of reprieve from the alien invasion as the number of creatures preying on humans fall victim to an earthling disease. Two scientists noted for their work against disease, are kidnapped, leaving their daughter - Sophie - behind. William, returning home from the Temporary Emergency Center with bread and other foodstuffs, discovers his stepparents have been eaten. On his way to find safety with his elderly Uncle Maynard, William sees Sophie sitting crying at the side of the street. Together they go to Uncle Maynard's. It is up to these three humans to try and save Sophie's parents, who have not yet been eaten, and possibly save the rest of the human race.
An entertaining Sci-Fi adventure, with resourceful kids, bumbling aliens, and corrupt politicians. And this is just the first book!

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