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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

Crooked Kind of Perfect
Zoe Elias has just one wish: she wants to be a piano-playing prodigy. Easy, right? Not when your dad buys you a Perfectone D-60 wheezebag old organ instead.

Organs aren't Zoe's only problem either. Her organ teacher is picky Mabelline Person, who will only let her play Hits from the Seventies. Her school best friend has ditched her for a new friend from the rich side of town. One of the boys in her class keeps following her home (to hang out with her dad). Her mom is a workaholic and hardly ever home. Her dad hardly ever leaves home, but has plenty of degrees from Living Room University. How will Zoe deal with all this craziness... and get ready for her first competition at the Perfectone Perform-O-Rama?

This was a really cute book. I like how Urban wrote the story in a series of short chapters so that Zoe shares her life in quick bursts of interesting thoughts and actions. It made the book very easy to follow the various trials and triumphs in Zoe's life. If you ever wanted to be great at something, or even just had a (slightly odd) family and went to school, this book is for you!

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