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Monday, September 14, 2009

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

11 Birthdays
Leo and Amanda have celebrated their birthdays together since they were a year old. Their first birthday was celebrated together quite by accident, but the rest of their birthdays were planned together until their tenth birthday,when Amanda heard Leo talking to his friend. When his friend asked why they were celebrating their birthdays together, Leo stated that their moms said that they should have them together ,and if it were up to him they would have separate parties. That's all Amanda had to hear. Leo had been her best friend. How could he say these hurtful things?
Amanda was having her eleventh birthday planned and it would be without Leo. Her mother decided it should be a costume party. Leo was going to have a rock band, a football star and a hypnotist at his party. Which party would their friends and classmates attend?
Many of Amanda's friends did come but then they wanted to go to Leo's party. Even Amanda
thought Leo's party would be more fun. What Amanda and Leo were not ready for was to repeat their eleventh birthday eleven times. If it was bad once, how could the two of them go through it day after day? Why was this happeniong to them?
If you liked the movie "Groundhog Day" you will really like this book.

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