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Friday, October 02, 2009

The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes by Marlane Kennedy

The Dog Days of Charlotte HayesWhat would you do with a Saint Bernard that is constantly drooling on you? What would you do for a Saint Bernard that is constantly chained up ( I mean 24/7)? Charlotte Hayes has to face reality. Her father and mother do not allow the dog in the house. She gets no help watering or feeding the dog from her drama-queen older sister. Certainly there is no help from her baby brother.
She has to formulate a plan for her dog, Beauregard, to be rescued by a suitable family. Her first plan does not work out too well. Another time, she tries to raise money to buy the dog from her father. She tries to apply for a job at a beauty shop, but she is only twelve years old. However, the hairdresser is in need of help checking in on her eighty-three year old aunt who has had a stroke. Charlotte is apprehensive about dealing with someone who has had a stroke. Charlotte accepts the responsibility and it is this aunt who helps Charlotte in more ways than just with her dog problem.
Charlotte never thinks of herself as a dog person. She stands out as the most caring person in this excellent book. This is a great book for girls ages nine to twelve with a growing sense of moral responsibility. Oh, by the way, my favorite word in this book is "passel". I am confident that you will find it. I don't know who will enjoy this book more, girls with pets or girls whose parents won't let them have pets.

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