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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tango:The Tale of an Island Dog by Eileen Beha

Tango: The Tale of an Island DogTango, a Yorkshire Terrier, is on a boat when a storm washes him onto the the shores of Prince Edward Island. Augusta Smith, a retired school teacher, takes care of the dog. The dog survives, but he has a strong desire to be back in Manhattan. A runaway child, McKenna, finds Tango's collar and uses it as an ankle bracelet. She temporarily lives next to Augusta. McKenna has been in seven different foster homes. She is still on the run.

Tango is a very small dog, but he can manage himself with the other animals on Prince Edward Island. He rescues Augusta from a rat when she falls in the creepy basement. Anthropomorphism is not a problem in this book. It highlights the balance Tango has to make communicating between humans and animals.

This book is not so much about being rescued as it is about finding peace. There are many quotes from this book that could make a nice small book or booklet.
"Hope is the first step on any significant journey"
"Without hope ... nothing is possible"
"It seemed as if she'd started reading two books, both in the middle, without knowing how either story began"
"The first step in getting what you want is naming it - knowing what it is you want in the first place"

Oh there's more - much more!

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