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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Closed for the Season by Mary Downing Hahn

Closed for the SeasonLogan Forbes, 13 and his family are moving into a new house. When they arrive at the house a big black dog the size of a Sheperd, is standing on the porch where they are going to live. A 12 year old boy named Arthur Jenkins, who lives next door greets Logan. He tell Logan the dog's name is Bear, and that they had been waiting all day for him to arrive. He asks Logan if he knows that someone was murdered in his house? He also tells him that the dog used to belong to the lady who lived in the house. Logan becomes upset that no one told him that Mrs. Donaldson who owned the the house before they got it, was murdered in his basement. Arthur wants to become good friends with Logan and invites himself over to Logan's house. His parents are upset that Arthur had told Logan about the history of their new home. They had been told that someone had died in house, but not murdered. Contrary to what Logan's mother wants, Logan and Arthur do become friends and they try to solve the murder and find the money that was said to be stolen by Mrs. Donadlson before she died. Mrs. Donaldson had worked at the "Magic Forest" amusement park that was now closed for years and had Kudzu vines growing all over everything. When Arthur and Logan start looking into the murder they uncover who really killed Mrs. Donaldson. With the help of a map of the "Magic Forest" (where they think the money might be buried), they find that other people are also trying to find the money. Bear helps them discover what really happened and who the killer is. I'm a fan of Mrs Hahn's books and I reccommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good mystery.

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