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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Judy Moody Saves the World by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody Saves the WorldIn Judy Moody Saves the World, third grader Judy Moody finds herself enjoying science class a little more than usual. Judy’s teacher, Mr. Todd is teaching the students about the environment and what the students can do to help save the Earth. Being the spunky girl that she is, Judy springs into action the moment she gets home by confiscating all of the products in her household that are damaging the rainforest. While Judy believes she is doing the right thing, her parents and brother, Stink, are less than thrilled about Judy’s newfound passion.

The more that Judy learns about the environment, she becomes more determined to save the world. When Mr. Todd has the students do a project about endangered animals in the state of Virginia, and Judy is assigned the northeast beach tiger beetle, she realizes how important it is to keep creatures in their natural habitats. Judy calls an emergency meeting of the Toad Pee Club so she and the other members of TPC can release Toady back into the wild. When Stink finds out what Judy has done, he becomes very upset with her and gets her in trouble with their parents. To avoid her punishment, Judy decides to try living in the tree in the backyard like Julia Butterfly Hill. Judy tries to stick with her plan of living in the tree, but decides to come down because she is lonely.

Later that week at school, Judy learns about the number of trees are being cut down to make things like paper and pencils. Determined to help decrease the number of trees being cut down, she takes her classmates’ pencils away and insists that they use something other than pencils to write. Mr. Todd is impressed with Judy’s dedication and helps guide Judy and the rest of the class through a project that will definitely make a difference.

With recent environmentally devastating events like the oil spill in the Gulf, everyone is starting to become a little more aware of our impact on the environment. “Going Green” is slowly fading from a trend into a lifestyle. I found that this book introduces Going Green in a way that is fun and educational for kids and adults alike. Judy’s determination to save the world is sure to inspire and encourage anyone who reads this book!

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