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Friday, September 24, 2010

Savvy by Ingrid Law

SavvyWhat would you do if you knew that on your 13th birthday you would be getting some kind of special power? You could not choose this power. It was something that would just happen to you.
This is the case of Mibs Beaumont. It was going to be her thirteenth birthday and the sheer thought of this birthday was both thrilling and frightening. Her bothers' power or "Savy' was scary enough in that one brother caused hurricanes and the other brother could create electricity.
It was the day before Mibs big day and her Poppa was in a terrible car accident. Mibs was hoping that her special power would be one that would save her Poppa. She is so sure that her "Savy" will save her father that she hides on a bus that is parked outside her church. She thinks that this bus will be going to the town where her Poppa is lying in the hospital comatose. Her friend and brothers see her going on the bus and they are afraid for Migs, so they go along with her. They all hide in the back of the bus where they can't be seen. When the bus starts going in the wrong direction they all wonder about their future.
Does Mibs get the "Savy" that she hopes for? Can she help save her father? Does she and her companions make it to the hospital? Read this tale of the Beaumont Family and friends, and go along for a great adventure!

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