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Thursday, September 02, 2010

How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor

How to Steal a DogGeorgina doesn't have her own bedroom. She doesn't even have her own bed. She lives in a car with her mother and brother. They have been evicted from their apartment because her father left them. The mother works two jobs and always says that she is doing the best she can. Georgina can't take it when her best friend finds out that she is homeless. She has to come up with a plan. She sees a reward poster for a lost dog and an idea formulates in her head.

Georgina precisely writes down her ideas and all of the steps to "borrow" a dog. She thinks that she has every outcome accounted for to get reward money. Her desperation is a hard balancing act with her conscience. Georgina hides the dog in a secluded area. It is heart-wrenching when she ties up the dog and leaves it there. A homeless man finds the dog. It is this homeless person that gives the wisest advice to Georgina.

Sometimes the trail you leave behind is more important than the path ahead of you.

Sometimes the more you stir it, the worse it stinks.

This first person narrative is definitely character driven. The only suggestion is that it might be more suitable for children ages nine to ten, but it should be appreciated by all. The one thing to be figured out out is how Barbara O"Connor wrote in a such a moving yet funny tone.

Very humorous elements

Very moving elements

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