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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watchers: Rewind by Peter Lerangis

Watchers: RewindThe Watchers are all around us, they see everything even if we do not!

Adam Sarno believes that he caused the death of his best friend Edgar. Edgar didn't want to go practice hockey. Adam had brought Lianna with him to persuade Edgar to go. When they got to the lake, Edgar was trying to show off for Lianna by skating around her and then teasing adam to take the puck away, and then it happened: they both had fallen through thin ice in the lake!

Adam couldn't remember much about that day. If Lianna had not pulled him out of the hole, he would have died. Adam could not remember any more of the details from that day, but he felt that everyone blamed him for his friends death.

Adam had a hard time going back to that lake. It had been four years since the incident and it haunted him. When Lianna and their friend Ripley asked Adam to go play paint ball in the area surrounding the lake adam was reluctant. They teased him until he went along.

When they veered off the path to go home Adam stumpled on a , they decided that he should take it. Later when they all go home Adam looks inside the backpack and finds a small videocamera. Adam takes the camera and tries to look through the lens. It seemed out of focus,so he leaves it for the next day. Adam again looks into the camera and he sees his own room, the way it looked four years ago. Adam could not believe his own eyes so how will his friends believe him. He shows the camera to them and they can't see anything.
What is really going on? Will Adam see other things, like the incident at the lake? Who left the camera? Who is trying to tell him things and why?

This book is a quite read but has a lot of suspense and action. I highly reccommend this one.

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