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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Word After Word After Word by Patricia MacLachlan

Word After Word After WordThis fourth grade class is so lucky. They get Ms. Mirabel, a special presenter, for six weeks. She works with them to improve their writing skills. The main focus is on poetry. They respect their teacher, Miss Cash, but Ms. Mirabel really brings out the best in them. They explore several reasons for writing: to change, to save, to inspire, to determine what is real and unreal, ...

They find out that they all have something to write about each week. Evie's parents have divorced. Lucy's mother has cancer. Henry's dog has died. The final event is parent's night when all of their poems are put on display. They find out that they have to be brave to write. As Lucy finds out, sometimes things are too hard to say, but she can write her thoughts down. They all find their own "voice".

This book was just published in 2010. This realistic fiction has crying and laughter in the book. It is one of those moving books that will not leave you speechless. Teachers might want to use it for a great read-aloud. There is so much to consider. It is definitely for everyone who likes poetry as well as those who do not like poetry. You should savor every word after word after word.

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