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Monday, January 31, 2011

After All, You're Callie Boone by Winnie Mack

After All, You're Callie BooneCallie Boone lived with her mom, dad, uncle, grandma an older brother, a younger brother and two dogs. She thought her family was very weird, especially since Uncle Danny moved in with them. It seemed he always had some strange way to make money. This time be brought cages of ferrets home with him. The dogs went ballistic at the sight of them, grandma started running around outside yelling that they were "rats" and the rest of the family looked startled and wondered what Uncle Danny was thinking!
Whenever Callie needed time to relax or unwind she did so by swimming. After all she thought her future could hold the Olympics! She loved diving and swimming; that is until she went with Shannon and Katie. They went to middle school and they were older than Callie. While at the pool the girls talked Callie into doing a dive on the big diving board. Callie was fine until she reached the top of the board and the life guard started to yell for her to come down because she was too young. How embarassing to be up there and be yelled at. Callie felt she had to dive in to prove herself to her new friends, so she jumped. She made the biggest belly flop you ever did see!
Not only did it hurt but it hurt her pride. Everyone around the pool was laughing. This was bad enough, but then the lifeguard came and yelled and told her she was banned from the pool for a year. What were her parents going to say? She found out soon enough - she was grounded!
Callie was going through a rough time with her punishment: she lost her best friend, someone in her family gets extremely sick, her new next door neighbor turns out to be a boy, and school is going to start soon.
Read about Callie and all the happenings of the Boone Family. She is a really neat character, "after all she is Callie Boone!"

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