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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

touch blue by Cynthia Lord

touch blueTouch blue and your wish will come true.
Start your journey with your right foot and good luck will follow you.
Never whistle on a boat.
If you find a button on the ground, walk around it clockwise three times to remove its bad luck before you pick it up.

Oh, there's more - many more (one at the start of each chapter). Tess Brook wishes that she has much luck. The state of Maine threatens to close her school because of very low enrollment. It is a one-room school for all grades and her mother is the teacher. It is the Reverend Beal who comes up with the plan for families to get foster children. Tess hopes that her foster brother, Aaron, will stay. Aaron is thirteen and has been in too many foster homes. Aaron can't stop thinking about his mom. He gets acclimated to the island and he even stops barfing on the boat that makes him seasick. Tess tries to empathize with Aaron, but he feels as if people don't know what he is going through. Aaron finds comfort in his music; he plays the trumpet and the piano.

This book is not just about Maine or foster children. The main theme is that you can't keep running to find happiness; you have to grow happiness in yourself. This book appears to be about luck. touch blue demonstrates that you have to be very careful what you wish for in life. I consider myself very lucky for having read this realistic fiction.

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