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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Swindle by Gordon Korman

SwindleGriffin is one cool sixth-grader. He doesn't know he is cool, but he is a "man with a plan". He is concerned about his family not having enough money. He sleeps over in a condemned haunted house and finds a very old baseball card. He wants to pawn the card and give the money to his parents. He goes to a pawn shop and S. Wendell says that it is only a fake. S. Wendell only gives Griffin $120.00 for it. S. Wendell knows its worth is probably closer to a million dollars. The baseball card is a Babe Ruth collectible. Griffin feels that if you want something to happen, you can't sit around waiting for it. Griffin plans to steal the card back. He thinks he has all the details worked out: the security system, the guard dog, the large fence. Griffin does not consider this revenge, but rather adult vs.children and what is right. He honestly doesn't believe he is stealing, only getting back what he found. He feels as if adults don't listen to eleven-year-old children. He definitely has to come clean by the end of this plot-driven novel. He really needs his friends and he really learns from them. Everyone has something to contribute. Children ages nine to eleven will appreciate this book cover to cover. Don't miss the back cover - the dog has the book number in its mouth!

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