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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Doll in the Garden by Mary Downing Hahn

The Doll in the GardenDo you believe in Ghosts?
After her father died, Ashley and her mother moved to a new apartment in Monkton Mills. The apartment was above a grumpy landlady named Miss Cooper. Miss Cooper didn't like children or cats so their first meeting didn't go very well. She advised Ashley that she never wanted to see her cat running around in her garden. Ashley assured Miss Cooper that this would not happen. Miss Cooper also advised Ashley not to go in her garden.
As Ashley went to sleep she kept hearing a child crying. When she looked outside she couldn't see anyhing except a white cat, at least she thought it was a white cat.
Ashley went in the garden and met a girl named Kristi, who lived next door. She warned Ashley that if Miss Cooper found them in the garden they would both be in big trouble. This threat did not keep Ashley and her friend Kristi from going in the garden. Ashley felt compelled to enter the garden by the strange white cat. The cat did not have a shadow, which was very strange considering it was in the sun. It would come out and move in the direction of the middle part of the garden and it seemed to wanted them to follow him. The girls found the middle part of the garden to be full of weeds and roses that ran wild. They starting clearing up the weeds to make a special place for them,a place where Miss cooper would not see them. While they were digging out the weeds they found a wooden box with a doll in it. The girls were amazed at what they found and they both wanted the doll for themselves. Ashley took the doll home and this made Kristi angry. The girls didn't talk for days after this argument.
Again the white cat came to Ashley during the night and wanted her to follow. Ashley followed the cat and met a young girl seated on a bench. The young girl stated that she had a friend that had taken her doll from her and that she wanted it back.
The mystery begins - who was the girl that took the doll and why? Where did this girl and white cat come from? If you like mysteries, this is a good one!!!!

It's worth reading and makes you think twice about moving to a new place. The author has some interesting twist on the plot.
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