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Monday, July 25, 2011

Joey Pigza Loses Control by Jack Gantos

Joey Pigza Loses ControlJoey Pigza Loses Control is another great book in the series about the main character with ADD, Joey Pigza. The story made me laugh out loud and cry all within the 5 hours of reading.
In the book, Joey and his mom finally decide to give Joey's dad a second chance and Joey goes to spend the summer with him in Pennsylvania. At first, everything is great; even though Joey's dad never stops talking and his grandma never stops smoking. Joey even gets to join the baseball team his dad coaches downtown with at-risk kids. It turns out that Joey is a great pitcher and he truly enjoys his baseball games. Then, one night after a game, Joey's dad has too much to drink and throws all of Joey's ADD medication patches down the toilet. Joey no longer has the sense of being in control and worries that he is going to lose it any minute. Meanwhile, his dad is trying to convince him that real men don't need medicine. Joey goes back and forth between telling his mom everything that is going on and being loyal to his dad.
Overall, this book is full of some real-world issues. It is well written and honest and I loved it. This would be great for someone who is struggling with a troubled parent or who is having trouble themselves at school. In all honesty, I think everyone should read the book Joey Pigza Loses Control.

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