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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swindle by Gordon Korman

SwindleHow would you like to find a rare Babe Ruth baseball card? How would you feel if someone tricked you into selling the card for much, much less than what the card was really worth? Griffin Bing the "man with the plan" has the fortune and the misfortune of having this happen to him.

Griffin asks many of his friends to come to a sleepover in a old condemned building that is scheduled to be demolished the following day. His best friend Ben is the only one to show up. When it starts raining Ben falls asleep and Griffin decides to investigate the few belongings left in the house. He comes across an old desk with a small drawer that is stuck. When he finally gets the drawer open he finds "a treasure more valuable than gold." He finds a rare Babe Ruth card that be believes will help his parents with their financial problems.

Griffin takes the card to Palomino's Emporium of Collectibles where the owner S. Wendell Palomino owner. when Griffin shows him the card he tells him that the card is not real. He does offer him $120.00 which Griffin takes, since he doesn't know that he is being swindled.

When he watches the news later that day he see's Mr. Palomino bragging about having a rare Babe Ruth card that he intends to sell for a million dollars. Griffin becomes angry and starts to plan how to get the card back.

Will his friends help with his master plan? Will Griffin get his card back? Can he keep the card?

Will the card cause him to be in trouble with his parents or worse yet the police?

For the answer to all these questions and for a "great read" get yourself a copy of "Swindle".

Wow what a post I am so impressed here can you more share here I will back to you soon as soon possible.
Thanks for sharing...
I'm glad that you liked the review. The book is excellent. I hope that you read it.
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