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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Pie by Sarah Weeks

PieAlice lives in a small town named Ipswitch. Her Aunt Polly also lives in town. Aunt Polly is famous for her pies. She has won the national pie contest so many times that people are almost envious of her. What Aunt Polly's relatives don't understand is why she makes all the pies for free. Alice's mother is almost jealous of the time Aunt Polly and Alice spend together and the bond they develop. When Aunt Polly dies, the secret recipe is willed to Lardo. However, Aunt Polly's cat, Lardo, is willed to Alice. The mystery begins when the cat is catnapped. Humor ensues when several people try to duplicate Aunt Polly's pies.

Sarah Weeks has written several books for a wide variety of ages. This book is for the middle range - approximately eight to twelve years old. Sarah Weeks uses the perfect setting in the 1950's. This book is not just about pies. It involves friendship and everyone having their own expertise in life. The author does an excellent job evolving this short novel full circle for Alice. Real pie recipes separate each chapter. Everyone has their own favorite pie, but you can think of your own creative recipe.

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