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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Ninth WardWow, what a book!!! We have all read and heard about Hurrican Katrina, but this book makes you feel like you are there living out the experiences right beside the people who were there.
Lanesha is a twelve year old girl who was raised by Mama Ya-Ya after her mother died
giving birth to Lanesha. Mama Ya-Ya is very wise and can predict the future. Mama Ya-Ya has visions of a powerful hurricane approaching New Orleans. When Mama Ya-Ya can not help Lanesha, it is up to her to use the strengh to help survive the storm.
The hurricane is more powerful than Lanesha can stand. After the hurricane Lanesha hears screams for help as the Mississippi River overflows and starts comming into the houses. She must get Mama Ya-Ya and her friend TaShon to the attic. As the water keeps flowing into the house they worry that they will drown because they can not swim.
This book is a story of love, family, friendship, suspense and courage. I highly reccomend this book to everyone!

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