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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

Love, AubreyAubrey, is an ordinary eleven year old girl who has great strength and talent for making it on her own. Her family was involved in a horrible car crash. Her mother has a hard time with the loss of family members and can not handle taking care of Aubrey or herself, so one morning she just leaves without saying a word. Aubrey has no idea where her mother went or when she will be home.
After a week living by herself, her grandmother comes to find out why no one had answered the phone or called her. Aubrey explains that she has been taking care of herself and doesn't need anyone's help. Her grandmother assures her that her mother will be found and that she is taking Aubrey to live with her in Vermont. Aubrey is angry and doesn't want to leave her home, but her grandmother insists.
Once in Vermont with her grandmother, she has to learn to trust and open her heart before she can move on. Meeting a new friend next door, going to a new school, doing things in new surroundings all complicate Aubrey's world. Many questions fill Aubrey's head such as, where is her mother, didn't she love her, and why did she leave? How can Aubrey move on with all these questions unanswered?
Grandmother reassures Aubrey that they will find her mother and that things will be all right but Aubrey isn't so sure. She misses her family! She needs answers to all her questions. The only
solice Aubrey gets is writing her thoughts into letters. These letters are sent to no one but they do give her a bit of relief from the pain that she is feeling.
Will her mother be back by Christmas? Will they be a family again? This warm and heartfelt story tells of the inner strength of a young girl, the deep love of her grandmother and path that all of them must take to get past the heartbreak they all are going through. This is an excellent story!

OMG I SOBBED through this entire book. I cried so hard my neck and collar were soaked with tears. I loved every minute of it though. The resilience of the character is so inspiring. Read it and Love it!
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