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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Case of the Missing Deed by Ellen Schwartz

The Case of the Missing Deed   Five cousins go to visit their grandmother for a lazy summer vacation on Otter Island, or so they think they will. Once they arrive they find that a mining company has come to the island and threatens to mine the land where their grandmother lives. Grandpa had died and their grandmother can not remember where the deed to her house is located. The mining company threatens that if she can not come up with proof of ownership of the land she will loose her home.
    Their grandmother is so sick over this invasion of the island that she can barely get out of bed each day. She gets even weaker when they can not get her to eat a thing. The cousins are determined to find the deed, but first they need to help their grandmother gain some strength and help them. All the cousins remember that their grandmother loved to cook for them when ever they came over to the cottage. This gives them an idea to cook for her. They go looking in her recipe box and try different recipes. They start to find grandpas writing on some of the recipes but they have no idea what he is trying to say. Could these mysterious writings be clues as to where the deed might be? They search through more recipes and find more sayings that have them really confused.
   Sabastien, Genevieve, Claire, Olivia and Alex all try desperately to help grandma keep her home., but will they be successful?
   For a quick read and several good recipies try reading "The Case of the Missing Deed".

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