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Sunday, May 06, 2012

How NOT to Run For President by Catherine Clark

How NOT to Run for PresidentWhen the title says "President", it means the President of the United States of America.  Adam comes from a split family; his parents are considering voting for two different candidates.  When one of the candidates comes to town to campaign, Adam's school band performs when the candidate arrives.  Adam is thrust into the national news when he saves the candidate's life.  He pushes the candidate away from a falling sign.  Adams last name is so long and everyone messes up his name - Schroekenbauer.  Should a twelve year old be shoved into the limelight?  He even has to play the clarinet on national television.  America loves Adam and the polls are influenced by this one boy.  He is asked to go on the campaign trail and he has to decide instantly. 

His mom has been out of work due to a layoff from the effects of the bad economy.  There are many surprises in this book.  The only thing that he asks for to go on the campaign is tickets to a Yankees baseball game. It is unusual who the candidate is and who is chosen for Vice President. There are many behind-the-scene details about a campaign that are revealed.  Reminders of the qualifications of the Presidency are in the book as well as web sites.  This realistic fiction is good for its humorous elements and timeliness of an election year.  It's a great book just for following your dreams and being an all-American kid!

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