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Thursday, May 10, 2012

R My Name is Rachel by Patricia Reilly Giff

R My Name is RachelRachel, Cassie and Joey are three siblings that are very close to their father. They live in the city with their father during the time of the recession. Dad's search for work takes them to a broken down farm out in the country. Dad is going to try and get a job at a bank and Cassie is looking forward to going to school. Things only go from bad to worse when a snow storm keeps dad from getting to the bank to report to work and Cassie and her siblings find out that the school and library have been closed. How are they going to survive in this desolate situation?
   Dad has a little money saved but not enough to keep paying the rent and buy food. The only recourse seems to have their dad look for work near the Canadian border and leave his three children to take care of themselves for two months. Cassie, being the oldest  feels that they are responsible and are up for the challenge even though they are scared. As weeks turn into months and the food supply gets low all three children use their inner strengh to deal with the dispairity. They are challenged to stay friends, care for each other, and support each other  until their father can return. Why is dad not writing them letters and teling them what is happening to him and his job?
   This is a great story about family. Sometimes you do not know how strong you are until you face struggles far beyond what you can imagine. This is really a heartwarming story too good to miss1

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