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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vanishing Acts ( a Madison Kincaid Mystery by Phillip Margolin and Ami Margolin Rome

Vanishing ActsMadison Kincaid's father is a well known defense lawyer. Madison is a seventh grader trying to help her father solve a murder case. In addition she is trying to locate her best friend Ann, who has not returned from a trip to Europe. Madison teams up with a new student named Jake who offers to help her.
   Mr. Kincaid is not aware that his daughter is trying to help on the Shelby case. When Madison heard that the person thought to be killed was her second grade teacher she can not sit by and let the case go. The neighbor next door to the accused has information that Madison knows is important to the case and she goes after it. Jake tags along for the adventure of his lifetime.
   Ann, Madison's best friend who is also missing has Madison on a whirlwind adventure. Why has her friend not returned from Europe? Her facebook page has not been updated, no e mails have been sent, nor has she heard from her by phone. School has started and Madison always played on the soccer team. Ann would never miss the tryouts for the team. None of their other friends have heard from her since summer vacation. Where could Ann possibly be?
   How can Madison be on a soccer team without Ann? When Madison fumbles a good soccer shot because she thinks she sees Ann in the shadows on the field, will the eighth graders forgive her for missing the shot and having the other team win?
   Can Madison prove that Mr. Shelby is innocent and if so where is Mrs. Shelby? How will Mr. Kincaid act when he finds out that Madison has been listening to some of his conversations with Mr. Shelby? To find out theses answers and more read "Vanishing Acts" by this father, daughter team.

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