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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

Because of Mr. TeruptThis first-year teacher wants all of his Fifth Graders to learn forgiveness and responsibility.  This class is so typical of many schools.  There is the class bully, the new student, the prankster, the super smart, etc.  What is different is how they work out their problems while coming from a background of their own problems.

This realistic fiction has multiple perspectives.  Each chapter is the perspective of one of seven students.  The only thing that wasn't realistic was the lack of  updates on the medical condition of one of the persons.   When my relative had a brain aneurysm, daily announcements were put over the loudspeaker.  If you are constantly interrupted, this is the book for you.  Each chapter is short and you can easily continue where you left off.  When I saw a snowball on the cover, I couldn't figure it out.  We soon find out the reason why it is on the cover.  No one is perfect in this book.  The students really do respect and need their teacher.  What a great class!

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