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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton

Freaky Fast Frankie JoeTwelve year old Frankie Joe Huckaby lives with his mother at the Lone Star Trailer Park in  Laredo Texas. At least he was living there before his mother was sent to jail. Frankie Joe's father has come to pick him up and take him to live in Plainview Illinois.
    When Frankie Joe arrives in Illinois he finds out that he has four stepbothers and a stepmother. Things just keep getting worse for Frankie Joe. In fact Plainview becomes unbearable.  His stepbrothers appear to hate him, kids at school call him names, and he is put back a grade in school.
    Frankie Joe has a plan to run away as soon as his mother gets out of jail. In order to put this plan in action he starts a buisness, the "Frankie Joe's Freaky Fast Delivery Service."  He rides his old bicycle delivering pizzas and doing errands for neighbors.  What Frankie Joe didn't plan on was his mother getting out of jail and leaving him with his father. In fact his father and stepmother didn't tell him that they had signed adoption papers to have him live with them permanently. What is Frankie joe to do now?

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