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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Name is Maria Isabel by Alma Flor Ada

My Name is Mariea IsabelMy Name is Maria Isabel is book that was written so long ago that I almost considered not writing a review of it. It was written in 1993. That was before most young readers today were even born! However, I chose to include it because the author, Alma Flor Ada, has a new book that is published called Love, Amalia. We don't have that book at the library yet, so I thought I would read this one in preparation!

Maria Isabel has just moved to a new apartment and because her father found a new job. As most girls and boys would be, Maria Isabel is anxious about going to her new school. She is shy and doesn't know if she will make any friends. It turns out that everyone treats her very nicely at school. But, since there are two other girls named Maria in her class, her teacher has decided to change Maria Isabel's name to Mary! Maria Isabel was named after both of her grandmothers and is very proud of her name. Even though the students are nice to her, Maria Isabel is very sad. She never knows when her teacher is calling on her because the teacher calls out, "Mary Salazar" instead of Maria Isabel. The worst part is that sometimes she gets in trouble because the teacher thinks she is not paying attention. Maria Isabel wonders if her life will ever get better or if she will ever find a solution to her problem.

If you enjoy stories about family, school and friendship, you will enjoy My Name is Maria Isabel.

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