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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Homesick by Kate Klise

HomesickKate Klise was in the area a few weeks ago and when a patron and I were talking about her I discovered that she has a new book published. The patron generously allowed me to read the book,Homesick because her pile of books was so high and I promised to write a review of it! So, here you go Ellie!

Benny is a 12 year old boy who lives in the smallest of small towns in Missouri. He is living in a house with his parents that it chalk-full of "stuff" that his dad has collected over the years. His dad calls thestuff collectibles, his mom calls it junk. When Benny's mom asks his dad to choose to throw one thing away or have her leave the home, he chooses to not throw anything away. Benny is left to live in the house with his dad and the collection that keeps growing.

As Benny struggles he wonders how it is possible to feel homesick while living in his own home where he has spent his whole life. In the meantime, Benny rallies with his neighbors to keep life as steady as possible. He helps his dad's best friend set up a town radio station, continues to take the bus to school, yearns for the attention of a girl (the only girl he has ever liked, Stormy) and tries to set up a school service project right in his own home.

I would recommend Homesick to readers of realistic fiction who enjoy reading about the struggles families may have.

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