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Saturday, December 01, 2012

About Average by Andrew Clements

About AverageDo you ever just once want to feel special?  Jordan Johnston wants to finish off sixth grade with a memorable event.  She feels so average - in athletic ability, in intelligence and in looks. She evens makes a list of things of which she stinks and  is satisfactory. The stink column is so long, but that is not the only problem. The list is found by a classmate and it is used to bully Jordan.  Jordan robs the bully of the power by learning not to be bothered. The unexpected ending was just part of the excitement of this realistic fiction.

How great is it that the story takes place in Illinois? Yes, I found a book where the setting is in Illinois! I should have guessed that if the book was written by Andrew Clements, it was going to be about school. I remember Room One, No Talking, The Landry News, etc. However, it is more than just school. Andrew Clements just uses Baird Elementary School as the setting.  Can you believe that they actually have a graduation ceremony for finishing sixth grade?  Even though the story takes place during sixth grade, this book is more for the younger grades.  The adult and student characters serve as good role models. The title is About Average, but this book is way above average - WAY above.

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