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Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Apothecary (Caudill Nominee 2013) by Malie Meloy

The ApothecaryOne sunny day, walking home from school, Janie Scott feels as though someone is following her.  She strides quickly to shake off the feeling, but notices a black sedan following her slowly.  She increases her pace and is soon at he house.  She quickly lets herself in, her parents are still at work, she is alone in the house.  Making sure to lock everything in the house. She sits at the kitchen table like so many times before, working on math homework, ignoring the black sedan waiting at the en of the block.

At six o'clock she was still pretending that the men weren't after her, when the door slammed against the deadbolt.  It took a few minutes to realize that the voice was more than angry, and that it belonged to her father.  What in the world is going on???  That night at dinner her parents explain that they are being watch by US Marshal's, and they would need to leave the country right away.  Janie is not at all sure she wants to live in London.

While her parents keep trying to convince Janie that it will be an adventure in London, Janie is not buying it.
Really, February in London is depressing at the very least.  Arriving in London, getting settled Janie and her parents meet an Apothecary.  He is friendly to them especially Janie, giving her a remedy for homesickness.

Going to a new school, something Janie dreads becomes interesting when she meets a boy Benjamin, who is not afraid of authority or standing up to people who represent this authority.  Benjamin dreams of becoming a when his father is kidnapped, he and Janie embark on a desperate, dangerous race against time to find him.

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