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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Lemonade Crime by Jacqueline Davies

The Lemonade Crime
The Lemonade Crime is the second installment in The Lemonade Wars series by Jacqueline Davies.  The story involves an apparent theft of $208 from Evan, a fourth grader. He and his sister, Jessie, who skipped a grade and is now in the same class as Evan, believe that their classmate, Scott, stole the profits from their lemonade sales. Evan had the money when he, Scott, and some other boys were at a pool party. While Evan was in the pool, Scott went into the house and had ample opportunity to take the money from Evan's shorts. Other circumstances point at Scott's guilt.

When the book begins, Scott has announced that he has a new Xbox 20/20, a cutting-edge video game system that causes everyone excitement throughout --except for Evan and Jessie, both of whom believe that Scott bought the game with the stolen money. One day, Jessie arrives at school with a summons she has written after reading a book about the law, and serves Scott, telling him that he must now appear at a trial, which Jessie arranges, using her classmates as judge, jury, counsel, and witnesses. Scott agrees to go to trial but only under the condition that if he is found not guilty, that Jessie and Evan will have to apologize to him in front of the entire class.  Things at trial, however, don't go entirely as planned.  Will Scott be found guilty or will Scott and Jessie have to give a public apology?

This is another great book by Jacqueline Davies.  The characters are all flawed but in ways in which readers can relate. These are not major flaws and the characters seem more real for their flaws. Again this book begins each chapter with a key word or phrase and its definition. I think this is another book about the Treski siblings that you will have trouble putting down.

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