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Monday, December 30, 2013

Romeo Blue by Phoebe Stone

Romeo BlueIn this sequel to The Romeo and Juliet Code,twelve-year-old Felicity (Flissy)Bathburn is still living along the coast in Bottlebay, Maine with her father Gideon, her grandmother and Derek, a foster child. Her mother and step-father are off being spies for the Allies during World War II and end up missing. Gram and Gideon work on a plan to rescue them. A German spy tries to foil their plan when he shows up pretending to be Derek's long lost father. Gideon leaves to go off on the rescue mission. While he is gone, Flissy's young friend, Dimples, is sent from England to come to stay with them so as to keep her safe from the bombings. Eventually, Flissy's mother is rescued and comes back to Maine, and Flissy has to deal with even more family drama when she doesn't know if her father and stepfather are alive. I was drawn to this book because of the strong details about every day life during World War II, and the details about what it was like to live in the coastal regions during that time. Spies were thought to be everywhere and U-boat sightings were reported along the coast of Maine. There is a lot of drama going on in the book, so if you like drama, this book is one you should check out.

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