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Monday, February 17, 2014

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's LibraryKyle is always up for a good game.  Board games, computer games, brain games, just about any kind of game will do.  Kyle has a particular fondness though for the eccentric puzzle-creator Mr. Luigi Lemoncello's games, who just so happens to build a new library in town.  Against the odds, Kyle, along with twelve of his best friends and worst enemies, are selected for an overnight library lock-in before the building opens to the public.  Little do they know, the only way out of the library is through the most engaging game they have ever had the pleasure of playing!

With only one secret way out of the library, Kyle and the other contestants must solve puzzles, make quick decisions, and have a little bit of luck on their side to find it.  The first one to escape the library wins!  Sound easy?  Not a chance!  So will Kyle win?  Will his nemesis, Charles Chiltington, beat him to the prize?  What kind of wacky obstacles will Mr. Lemoncello throw in their path?  The stakes have never been so high!

Short chapters, accessible language, humor, and great characters make this a fantastic read.  This book will get your brain working, mine was really sweating it out, as you try to solve the puzzles along with the characters.  Friendship, working together, and playing a fair game are all themes that run throughout the story, but are never overly lectured.  This is a great choice for reluctant readers, boys, girls, adults, kids....everyone!  And I know, I may be a bit biased, the whole library setting thing had me won over, but it is a truly whimsical and extraordinary story.  And if you happen to solve the puzzle after the book is over, please come in and give me a hint - I could sure use it!

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