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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heaven is Paved With Oreos by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Heaven is Paved with OreosOkay, so you can never go wrong when Oreos are part of the title. Am I right? Sarah is a 14 year old girl who is on the verge of starting high school Her "boyfriend" Curtis loves science like Sarah. Both have very unique personalities and Curtis is socially awkward even though he is a star athlete and many of the girls want to be his girlfriend. Sarah and Curtis spend so much time together doing science experiments that they just tell people that they are "boyfriend/girlfriend" so that they don't have to answer questions about their relationship. But the summer before school changes things and Curtis doesn't want to pretend anymore so they break up. Now Z comes into the picture. Z is Sarah's zany grandmother. It's going to be Z's 64th birthday and she wants to take Sarah on a pilgrimage to Rome with her. While in Rome, Sarah cannot stop thinking about her relationship with Curtis and is also puzzled over her grandmother's odd behavior. The trip will change Sarah's life in more ways than one. She uncovers longtime family secrets and discovers she may be ready to take on a new relationship with Curtis. While Sarah is a bit socially awkward, I really liked how she grew as a character during the novel. This book is part of the Dairy Queen young adult trilogy, which I had never read, but am now putting on my list. This is definitely a book for middle school girls as I think they can relate to the changes in relationships that Sarah is going through. I also thought I had the book figured out, but I was wrong as there is an important twist near the end. Don't forget to grab a package of Oreo's as you read the book, a favorite sweet of Z's and Sarah.

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