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Monday, May 12, 2014

Never Say Die by Will Hobbs

Never Say DieNick Thrasher is a 15-year-old Inuit and an accomplished hunter in his homeland of the Canadian tundra. The story begins with action right away. Nick is out hunting and bringing back caribou meat for his ailing grandfather, Joshua, when he is attacked by cross version of a polar bear and grizzly bear. Experts dub this new species as the "Grolar" bear. Luckily Nick gets away from the Grolar bear and warns everyone that this new species is very dangerous.

When Nick returns from his hunt, he founds out he received a letter from his half-brother, Ryan Powers, who he's never met. Ryan is a famous wildlife photographer who wants Nick to go on a photo shoot to a remote area to raft the Firth River in search of large herds of migrating caribou. At first, Nick does not want to go as his grandfather is seriously sick and his family does not know how much longer Joshua will live. After some convincing from Joshua, Nick agrees to join his brother on his expedition.

Disaster strikes right away when Ryan and Nick are thrown into the freezing river and find themselves under a ceiling of ice. Both find a way out, but the raft and all the supplies float down the river without them. They set out to find food and their supplies, which they eventually do but not without some bear encounters, tons of bugs, bad weather, and another encounter with the horrific "Grolar" bear. Thanks to Nick's Inuit training from his grandfather, Joshua, Nick helps the two young man on an adventure of a lifetime.

Boys and girls alike will both love this book which discusses climate change and Native American life. I have read several of Will Hobbs' books and this newest addition will not disappoint you.

*2015 Caudill Nominee book

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